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June 30th, 2006

Top Free

Vincent x Diello
Top Free 7 Anniversary
20 years ago, an event that caused a huge upset resulted in an official ruling that, at last, allowed women the same freedom that men have always had: to be top-free in public. This gathering at Cobbs Hill Park commemorates the event.

My little sister Nichole was there, and was interviewed by WROC News and Bust Magazine.

May 27th, 2006

The Future (tm)

Vincent x Diello
Top 10 Strangest Gadgets of The Future
I think they mean Top 10 COOLEST gadgets of the future! I already can't live without some of this stuff. Videogame urinals, foldable LCD screens, ALL TERAIN SURF BOARDS!! I will be so much cooler than Biff if I owned one of those (only 2 points to those who catch the reference)!
The transparent toaster seems like a bad idea (no one wants to see what residue is left inside one, and think of the annoyance of cleaning the thing). I watched the video for the VirtuSphere. It's an amazing device, but the video just made me dizzy.

March 30th, 2006

(no subject)

Vincent x Diello
Device Warns You If You're Boring Or Irritating
It's an emotional-social intelligence prosthetic device that allows those with autism pick up on other peoples' emotions and social cues.

Bring Home the Biotech Bacon
This is some of the coolest news I've seen in a while. Scientists have discovered that mixing DNA from roundworm C. elegans with that of pigs is causing them to produce more omega 3 fatty acids (the good stuff) to make healthier bacon!

Prime Numbers Get Hitched
The answer really is 42! Mathmaticians discover patterns in prime numbers and a possible link between them and quantum physics.

Jell-O Fix For Spinal Cords
Jello, stem cells, and you: Researchers in Prague are studying the use of hydrogel laced with stem cells for neural growth in spinal cords, which is proving very effective in lab mice (and is proving to be a very popular and fun party favor).

March 21st, 2006

Obligatory first post

Vincent x Diello
I wanted to make a special community for my news posts so I wouldn't have to clog up my friends' "FP"s whenever I found a piece of news worthy of sharing.

If anyone has any news they'd like me to post, comment here for review (or email me at boiled_mother @ yahoo . com). Leave a link to the article, a blurb about it if you want, and let me know if you want me to blurb or if you want your own blurb in a post. I will credit you.
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