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Tank Girl - Introduce Myself
Straight from deluin's myspace:

Murtari Case: This is about Civil Rights. It’s about not losing your right to parent your child without a jury trial. It’s about Equal Custody.

John Murtari has been on a hunger strike after being jailed without a jury trail. A PHD in aeronautics, Murtari lost his job and took a lower paying job at an ISP. Unable to pay the extremely high child support payment, he asked the courts to re-adjust his payment. The court denied him. The judge offered him probation or 6 months jail time. Murtari chose jail time with protest. Murtari stated Even Terrorists get a trail by jury. He is finally on a feeding tube, forced down his nose, after loosing 28 lbs.


via: www.metafilter.com
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