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Diello's News

Long-needed update

Long-needed update

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Tank Girl - Introduce Myself
Austrian Teenager Found After Eight Years of Captivity
Natascha Kampusch was found wandering the streets of Vienna after her alleged kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil had thrown himself under a train, resolving one of the country's longest-running mysteries. Her family had never given up hope. Natascha's abduction in 1998 caused national anguish and was one of the most intensive police investigations in Austrian history.

MTV Actor Formally Charged In Child Sex Assault Case
Vincent Roy Margera, of "Viva La Bam", was charged with two felony counts of sexual assault on a child. He was accused of inappropriately groping 12 and 14-year-old girls on seperate occasions at signings. MTV.com reports a mobile phone picture was taken into custody as evidence in court.
The mug shot alone is worth clicking. Also, I would like to know what kind of fondling of children is appropriate.

Tea 'Healthier' Drink Than Water
Water replaces fluids. Tea replaces fluids and has antioxidants, so it cleanses one's system, too. Just because the beverage is caffinated, doesn't automatically mean it dehydrates. Even after a strong cup of tea, you still have a net gain of fluids. Being a dehydrating drink is a myth.
I personally never believed that it was true. How can something made almost entirely of water and natural flavor (the tea itself) be dehydrating?

Mattel to Sue Over Lesbian Barbie Show
Karin Schwartz's exibit portrays several pictures of Barbie in compromising poses with other Barbies. Mattel offered 24 hours to remove the exibit before they take legal action against her. Schwartz refused to back down saying that Mattel exploits Barbie [though I'm not sure where she was going with her quoted argument]. A Mattel spokesperson said: "Barbie is a very proper lady and she is not happy about being portraited as something that she isn't. We are going to sue and we hope that this teaches people a lesson. Also, Barbie is 46 years old, she should be respected!"
Come on, not only do lots of people experiment with their sexuality, but lots of people experiment with Barbie's sexuality!
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