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Diello's News

Catching up (again)

Catching up (again)

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Tank Girl - Introduce Myself
Mother Fed Girls Dirty Toilet Paper
This is one of the worst abuse stories I've ever read. For years, this woman had been forcing her 5 and 14 year-old daughters to stay awake for days, take anti-psychotic pills, eat toilet paper with dog shit on it, lay tied to a bed for days without food or water, and sleep in a dog crate. Atop that, 37 dogs (all fine) were found in the home with the children. She is charged with 4 counts of child abuse.

Music Tastes Linked to HIV Risks
"Young American men hooked on gospel, techno and pop are more at risk of HIV infection than fans of other musical styles, including "bling, bling" hip hop, according to a new study."
The studies showed Hip-Hoppers had more sex with more people, but Church-goers and Club Kids took more risks. An interesting study, but I still say it's a little outlandish.
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