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Diello's News

Space News, and lots of it

Space News, and lots of it

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Tank Girl - Introduce Myself
Puffed Up Planet Puzzles Astronomers
A swollen planet has been spotted circling a star in the Lacerta constellation and is the second of its kind discovered, causing astronomers to believe it may be a common thing. The planet is 1.38 times the radius of Jupiter, but is less dense than a wine cork.

Most Distant Gaxaxy Gives Clues to Early Universe
"Scientists said on Wednesday that they have found the most distant galaxy yet, nearly 13 billion light-years away, in a discovery that could help explain how stars were formed at the dawn of time."

Puny Black Holes Can Eject Milky Way's Stars
Many smaller black holes are responsible for flinging more stars out of our galaxy than the giant black hole.

All Hail Eris and Dysnomia
2003 UB-313 has a name! Nicknamed Xena for three years, The IAU has finally made a decision, deeming the previously unnamed planet (which is actually bigger than Pluto), a dwarf planet of the KBO. Having lost it's nickname, Brown, the discoverer, subtly immortalized it in its moon, calling it Dysnomia, named for Eris's daughter and Goddess of Lawlessness. And I thought that was just a coincodence. They should have called it Dyscordia.
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