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Diello's News

Mostly Health-Related

Mostly Health-Related

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Tank Girl - Introduce Myself
FDA Says Food Recall is Urgent Health Threat
Botulism found in canned meat products and dog food made at a Georgia plant has the FDA running for the tens of millions of Castleberry and other Connors Brothers products on the shelves of supermarkets across the nation.
"The recall by Castleberry's originally affected 10 products. The expanded move involves more than 80 types of stew, chili, hash and other products as well as pet food sold under a variety of brand names."

Beer Gut Check: Study Sizes Up Belly Fat
It is common knowledge that being "pear-shaped (with subcutaneous fat)" is better than being "apple-shaped (with visceral fat)." Researchers are learning that it is not how much fat you have, it is how the fat is dispensed throughout the body. Through an MRI or CT scan, doctors can see how much visceral (deep belly fat that clings to abdominal organs) fat you have and what kind of risks it carries.

Pool Cue Prank Ends in Agony
Rectum? Damn near killed 'im!
After a few drinks at a few pubs, a man decided it would be funny to shove a pool cue into his drunk friend's bum, which he did so forcefully that it snapped in half, leaving 31 centimeters stuck inside his bowels. He painfully made his way home to remove the cue and after three days of enduring the pain, he went to the hospital to undergo immediate surgery for a perforated colon. His bodily waste was emptying into his body cavity, which could have killed him. He left the hospital with a colostomy bag three weeks later.

Human Skin to Replace Animal Testing
The latest breakthrough in cosmetic research is Episkin, a reconstructed human skin made from skin cells left-over from breast surgery and grown in layers on collegen. Many skin types have already been constructed from young and old to tan and ethnic. All that is needed to test the cosmetics is to rub the product directly onto the skin and observe its cell reactions.

Indian Granny Thrown on Garbage Dump
The daughter of a semi-paralyzed Indian woman had earlier argued with her family about who should take care of the 75-year old woman, which led to the harsh decision that landed the woman in the garbage dump in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, at the hands of her grandchildren. They were later found by a local Indian couple. Politicians were outraged and requested that officials to care for the woman and take actions against the family.

and for my teacher, who idolizes this man:
TV Survivalist Caught Cutting Corners
To watch Bear Grylls on his program “Man vs. Wild” is to be in a constant state of disbelief over how he is able to survive in really dire situations.
Meant to counter that disbelief is a statement by Mr. Grylls at the beginning of each show, saying he undertakes his adventures carrying only a flint, a knife and maybe some water, and that a camera crew following his journey through the wilderness would not aid him in any way. But as Mark Weinert, who said he served as a consultant on the show, told The Times of London, “If you really believe everything happens the way it is shown on TV, you are being a little bit naive.”
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